Here you see the AT&T field, San Francisco Giants are playing! Add Major League Baseball (MLB) scores and team logos to your picutres with Winz app for iPhone!

Aim. Shoot. Score!

  • Capture the thrill of the game
  • Add real-time scores to pictures
  • Enjoy a variety of skins
  • Share photos with your friends

Lets Winz This!

MLB Baseball. Here you see a Winz app skin applied to a picture taken at the SF Giants and Oakland As game
#winz #MLB
NBA Basketball. Real-time basketball score on top of the pictures you take with an iPhone, using the Winz app!
#winz #NBA
NFL Football. Our NFL feed is now live! A live Bears - Titans score is overlaid on top of a mobile picture taking with the Winz app for iPhone.
#winz #NFL
NHL Hockey. A frame, or skin is overlaid on top of your picture. Hereyou see a Rangers - Flyers game in Madison Square Garden, taken with the Winz app for iPhone
#winz #NHL